My name is Seth Carlson and I was born in Park Falls, Wis. in 1987. I grew up in a family that, like many others in the area, holds outdoor skills as a deeply ingrained, cultural tradition. My father taught me how to hunt, fish, trap, hike, camp, canoe, swim, and make a lot of noise if I saw a bear. I learned how to dress in layers and check lake ice in the winter. I learned how to ignore mosquitoes while fishing and get over a fear of spiders in the summers.

The funny thing is, I took all those experiences for granted. It took a seven-year journey of living in other areas of the Midwest for me to appreciate what the Northwoods has to offer – the great outdoors.

Now that I've returned to the wooded highlands of northern Wisconsin, I don't want to take this lifestyle for granted. This blog is meant to highlight ways in which living life next to the wild can enrich, define, and expand a person's natural identity. It's meant to be a record of the bountiful natural resources and the storied cultural cornerstones that come with life in the woods.

Adventure abounds up here, and there are many things to learn. I do not pretend to be an expert at any particular outdoor endeavor, just a student. I am always learning new things in the woods, just enough to get by, just enough to be woodsman enough.

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