Thursday, September 11, 2014

Around the riverbend

The South Fork of the Flambeau River heaves steam
into the cool morning air as it cuts through the woods,
twisting and turning its way down to meet the north fork.

Time to switch lures

When I took up fishing again as an adult it took me awhile to re-learn the fisherman’s knot. I remembered to hold the end of the line between my forefinger and thumb and twist, and that the end of it went through the loop at the bottom, but feeding back through the second loop really challenged me. Add on top of that the extra performance required while sitting in a 12-foot Alumacraft on a winding river or windy lake, and you’ll have an idea why I was rather opposed to the notion of changing lures if the first one wasn’t catching anything.

I would cast and retrieve over and over, trying different speeds, different jerks and bobs with the rod, even row to a different location before I would take that lure off and put a new one on. Talk about being stubborn. I guess I figured I’d rather be actively searching out a bite than fumbling around with tackle. 'Time is limited,' I’d reason with myself.

Of course the tradeoff to this was setting me back two-fold. Not only was I not catching any fish because I refused to give another lure a chance, I was also not practicing the knot I really needed to learn if I wanted to be successful down the road.

Eventually I did of course suck it up and learn the knot. This increased my ability to adjust what I was fishing for and with what, and therefore made me a better fisherman. Of course when I say better, I mean average...